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January 9, 2017

Participate in Our Survey:

All about the Profession of Technical Communicators in Europe

Julia Müller

Within our EU project, TecCOMFrame, we plan to establish a Europe-wide information platform about the profession. To collect information about the situation in each specific country, we have created a survey. The answers will provide insights into the country-specific situation of technical communication across Europe.

The platform is made for people who want to start a job in technical communication or who want to improve their skills in that field, as well as students, employers, employees working in the field of technical communication, clients, job agencies, and other interested parties. It is part of the three-year project TecCOMFrame (Technical Communication Competence Framework), which has been co-funded by the European Union starting in 2015.
The project is coordinated by tekom Europe and involves eight project partners from universities in European countries.
The main objective of this information platform is to give a comprehensive description of the job profile of technical communicators.

  • What is a technical communicator?
  • What are the different jobs called?
  • What do technical communicators do?
  • What are the main businesses they work for?
  • What are they experts in?
  • What about careers?
  • What do they earn?
  • How do you become a technical communicator?

To create an accurate picture, we need your help: Only you know about the situation in your country.
Please fill out our survey (approx. 5 minutes).
As our thank-you, you can win 1 out of 5 two-day entry tickets for a tcworld conference of your choice.
Upcoming events are:

As a result, your profession can achieve more recognition, and awareness about your job in your country will be improved.
We are looking forward to receiving your input, and thank you very much for participating in our survey.