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September 21, 2017

tekom Israel delegate election

Meet the tekom Israel delegate

Susanne Lohmüller

Paula Stern received over 80% of the votes and consequently is now the delegate for tekom Israel.

The tekom Europe head office is happy to announce the latest delegate. Paula Stern has been elected by 81.2% of eligible voters who took part in the election. She accepted this election and her resulting position as a delegate for tekom Europe.

Election results

number of eligible voters listed on the electoral roll37
number of eligible voters who took part in the election16
turnout rate43.2%
number of votes for each candidate:
- Paula Stern
- abstentions

13 (81.2%)
3 (18.8%)
elected delegatePaula Stern
subsitute delegate-

tekom Israel delegate profile

Paula Stern is part of the Assembly of Delegates (AoD), the highest decision-making body of tekom Europe. The AoD is, among other things, responsible for making decisions on the articles, regulations, membership fees and financial budget of tekom Europe. In addition, the AoD elects the members of the executive board, the members of the arbitration tribunal and the cash auditors every three years. The AoD will also be informed about international projects and can make decisions on establishing working groups.

The next Assembly of Delegates will take place on October 23, 2017, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Founded on July 2, tekom Israel is the latest addition to the tekom Europe family and tekom Europe is very excited in jointly working on the professional development of technical writers and offering expert events and webinars to our members.