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28 May, 2019

Going global – cultural awareness & international mindset in technical communication

Come and join our next mini-conference where we are going to discuss what 'going global' – a most popular phrase these days - means in technical communication.

The program will include three short presentations, and participants will have the opportunity to talk about these topics in a roundtable discussion.

  • How to write good international technical content?
    Preparing for translation when creating content, best practices for making written texts suitable for a global audience.
  • Consider localization from day 1 when working on a product
    Catering for the different user needs and expectations when designing a product for various geographical locations. 
  • Let's make virtual teams work!
    Building virtual teams that are spread across the globe successfully.


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Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!


Ágnes Czinkóczki

on behalf of the Initial Committee of tekom Magyarország