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November 30, 2016

Event Report

Living Agile & Writing Documentation – How They Fit Together

Ildikó Feher

Agile methodologies are now the de facto standard in software development. With the software industry going to the cloud, frequent releases, increased flexibility and real-time collaboration are at demand. Though sometimes it’s not so easy to include documentation, not to mention translation, in this high-speed development and release process.

We invited developers, authors, translators, documentation coordinators, and managers to this second public event of tekom Magyarország to discuss how we all see agile working in our jobs, and share experiences.

The event featured a presentation and a short discussion about how agile methodologies define the way we create documentation. We talked about the different aspects of how we see agile working in our jobs, and shared our experiences. It was an interesting talk with some thought provoking questions, so we hope to continue with this topic in the future.

Thanks to Katalin Ócsai (SAP) and Attila Fehér (Semcon) for the great presentation.

Additionally, Ágnes Czinkóczki has shared the highlights of the tcworld 2016 conference that took place in Stuttgart, November 8-10.