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Event report

tekom Danmark holds event on terminology

Bo Nielsen Brandt, Dorte Breitenstein Kristensen and Per Harbo Sørensen

The fourth tekom Danmark event, on the topic of ”Terminology”, was hosted on September 10, 2013 by World Translation in Aarhus. The event was attended by 40 people.

During the afternoon we listened to three presentations, after which the presenters took part in a panel discussion. All participants split into groups and engaged actively in workshops related to terminology. After presenting the results of the workshops, the day was wrapped up with networking around a buffet sponsored by World Translation.

Big thanks to World Translation for hosting this event and to Jeanine, Lisbeth and Marion for contributing to the event with very interesting and inspiring presentations.

The agenda for the event was:

  • Welcome & Introduction to tekom by Per Sørensen, head of the Initiative Committee for tekom Danmark
  • Consistency: Why we need it and how to achieve it by Jeanine Shepstone, Technical Writer, DEIF A/S
  • Important aspects in terminology work by Lisbeth Kjeldgaard Almsten, Project Manager, Linguistic Coordinator, Crisplant a/s
  • How does a language service provider handle terminology? – A case study by Marion Randelshofer, Operations Manager, World Translation A/S
  • Interactive discussion among the speakers
  • Workshops
  • Buffet & networking

Introduction to tekom

Per started out by giving a short introduction to tekom and tekom Danmark. He informed about the history of tekom, the purpose, the members and memberships, regional and country groups, activities, publications, education, and upcoming events (with a short video presentation of the upcoming tcworld 2013 conference in Wiesbaden November 6-8).

Consistency: Why we need it and how to achieve it

Jeanine gave a short introduction to her background and to DEIF. Jeanine first gave an introduction to some of the disadvantages of not managing/using consistent terminology. She went on to talk about her practical experiences with managing terminology at DEIF. Jeanine finished her presentation by mentioning some of challenges that still have to be faced.

Important aspects in terminology work

Lisbeth gave a short introduction to her background and to Crisplant (part of BEUMER Group, Germany). She gave and overview of Crisplant’s long history of managing terminology using various systems. Lisbeth is very pleased that BEUMER Group is focused on consistent terminology. Having to align with the BEUMER Group’s system poses some challenges, which Lisbeth gave some examples of some of these. One challenge is that Crisplant has worked with English as the source language, while BEUMER Group has used German (unfortunately, this presentation is not available).

How does a language service provider handle terminology

Marion gave a short introduction to her background and World Translation. She present a case, based on one of World Translations clients, Jungheinrich (World Translation translates for Jungheinrich into 26 languages). Marion gave examples of some of the challenges that an external supplier meets when working with translation and terminology for a big customer.

Panel discussion

There was a lively discussion about a wide array of experience and opinions between the speakers and the rest of the rooms.


Six groups talked about various issues related to terminology, and presented their findings to the other groups.

What’s next?

Upcoming tekom Danmark activities:

2013-11-21Agile & technical documentationCopenhagenAfternoon event
2013-11-06tcworld 2013WiesbadenThree-day conference


Join the tekom Danmark group on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4645164

For information about tekom, see http://www.tekom.eu/

For information about tcworld 2013, see http://conferences.tekom.de/tcworld13/

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