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Event report

tekom Danmark holds DITA event

Bo Nielsen Brandt, Dorte Breitenstein Kristensen and Per Harbo Sørensen

The first tekom Danmark event in 2014 took place March 11. It was a mini conference on ”DITA”. Grundfos in Bjerringbro hosted the event and we were about 50 participants.

See the agenda here: Link to agenda 

Welcome by Per Harbo Sørensen

Per opened the conference by introducing tekom and tekom Danmark and informed about the result of the recent tekom Europe election. Per was elected as a delegate for Tekom Europe and Dorte as a substitute delegate. Unfortunately, Bo Brandt has decided to resign from the initiative group. We thank Bo for his contribution to starting up tekom Denmark. We hope to still see you at the tekom events. The initiative group is now looking for one or two persons to join the initiative group. Contact Per or Dorte for more information. 

The DITA presentations by Steffen Frederiksen, Bo Jensen, and Christian Dethlefsen

The first presentation by Steffen Frederiksen from DITA Exhange introduced the DITA methodology and architecture. In the second presentation, Bo Jensen from Grundfos shared his practical experiences from introducing DITA at Grundfos. Bo talked about the process from creating the business case to implementing the first DITA projects. Finally, Christian Dethlefsen from KGU-Consulting GMbH talked about how a CCMS (component content management system) can support implementation of DITA and he gave a short demo of TechPub Studio. 

Download presentations

The three presentations were very informative and complementary and gave the participants a good insight into the many aspects of DITA. As usual, there were many questions to the presenters after presentations and during the breaks. Download slides from the presentations here: 

Guided tour and networking dinner

We ended the afternoon with a guided tour at the Grundfos museum and networking dinner in the Grundfos canteen.

Many thanks to Grundfos for hosting the event and to the presenters for inspiring presentations. 

What’s next?

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