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May 5, 2015

Event report

Machinery Directive and IEC 82079

Per Harbo Sørensen

The event focused on the topic of standards in technical documentation. The presentation was primarily about the Machinery Directive.

tekom Danmark event about the Machinery Directive

On May 5, 2015 tekom Danmark held an afternoon event about the Machinery Directive. Vestas Wind Systems in Aarhus was so kind to host the event.

See the agenda here: Link to agenda

Presentation: "Machinery Directive in relation to technical documentation" by Thomas Thillemann Petersen, Head of Department, Maskinsikkerhed ApS

Mr Petersen described the basics of the Machinery Directive and came across the following questions:
What is the Machinery Directive?
What is the purpose of the Machinery Directive?
When does the Machinery Directive apply?
How do you make sure that your technical documentation complies with the Machinery Directive?
What does the Machinery Directive say about translation?

You can download the presentation here:
Machinery Directive


Unfortunately the second speaker, Mr. Jens Uwe Heuer-James, could not come to the event due to a train strike in Germany. He tried to find alternative ways to get to the event, but unfortunately without any luck. We hope to see Mr Heuer-James another time.

After a coffee break we had a networking activity where all the participants had time do discuss subjects for coming events.

 Mr Holger Thater moderating the networking activity.