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Superhero Prize Draw - Chance to Win a Free Entrance to the tcworld Conference

We think technical writers are superheroes! What exactly makes you a superhero? What makes your profession so special? Write us! We publish the most common, innovative, creative and crazy keywords. Shape the perception of the profession and participate in our prize draw at the same time.

In one word, what is your Superpower as a technical writer? Let us know! 
Among all participants a winner will be drawn to receive a free entrance ticket to the next tcworld conference. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2018. It is also possible to contribute without participating in the prize draw.

In one ord, what is your superpower as a Technical Communicator?
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Prize Draw
Prize draw
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Did You Know That ...?

tekom Europe has also just launched a career marketing initiative to promote the profession of technical communicators, especially for (future) students and career changers. We conduct a market study on career choices that identifies marketing channels, web platforms, and social media for career information and development.
Whether you are a experienced tech writer, a career changer, or just studying, we seek your input and kindly ask you to join our survey.


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