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Registration, Costs, Feedback

Examination dates

Public examinations take place in February and September in Stuttgart. Other training providers also offer their own dates. If necessary, external participants can also register for these. Please ask about further dates at the tekom office.

Registration for the certification exam

There are different registration deadlines for the different certification exams:

  • Expert Level Certification Exams: At least four months before the desired examination date.

  • Professional Level Certification Exams: At least one month before the desired examination date.

Exam fees and cancellation conditions

The current examination fees can be found in the fee schedule. All documents and forms for tekom certification can be found here.

Costs of the training program

The costs depend on the training program chosen. Within the scope of the current evaluation, an average value of around 3,100 Euro was determined, although there are deviations from this of plus-minus 1,700 Euro.

Duration of the training program

As part of the evaluation of the tekom certification, an average training period of 9 months for Expert Level certification was determined for training as technical communicator. However, for participants without previous work experience, this period refers to full-time training. Participants with previous experience in technical documentation also require around three quarters of a year, but part-time and parallel to employment. A tekom trainee position as technical communicator even takes an average of 20 months. Training courses with full-time training programs as a technical communicator generally last 8 months, including project times.

Feedback on training and further education

The tekom Education and Training Committee and the personal certification center are committed to a continuous improvement process.

In order to further optimize the area of training and further education, as well as the course offerings, and to adapt them to the current requirements, the Education and Training Committee and the persons responsible for the personal certification center look forward to your feedback. 

Please send your feedback on training to: Dr. Daniela Straub, d.straub(at)tekom.de.