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The tekom certification as per DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 requires formal recertification every five years for the Professional and Expert Levels. This recertification serves as proof of maintenance of specialist knowledge without having to retake the certification examination. 

Requirements for recertification

No new certification examination must be taken for recertification. It is only necessary to provide proof that the required level of knowledge and skills has been maintained through work experience as well as the further development of competencies through training by the certificate holder. 

Training can take place in all topics that have to do with the area of technical communication in the broadest sense. The competence framework likewise provides guidance, listing relevant contents.

Benefits of recertification

Certificate holders benefit from recertification: The formal necessity of maintaining specialist knowledge justifies to supervisors, for example, your participation in training events such as seminars, attendance at tekom conferences, the purchase of specialist literature etc. It provides a firm reason to remain up-to-date.


Level of recertification

Recertification is done for the respective qualification level on which the certificate was obtained. Thus, recertification takes place for certificates either on the Professional Level or Expert Level.

Time requirement for the preservation of specialist knowledge

To maintain their specialist knowledge, and for recertification, certificate holders must attend training events corresponding to the competence profile during the term of the certificate – at least 40 hours within five years. 

Providing proof

To keep the costs low for our certificate holders, this takes place largely via self-declaration; available proof such as certificates of attendance should be submitted along with this. Forms for the provision of proof are available in the Downloads area on tekom.de.

What is proven:

  • Work experience, e.g. with the employer’s confirmation, an interim report etc.
  • Maintenance of competence by attending training events (at least 40 hours within five years, an average of eight hours a year)


  • You participate in company-internal training events (if applicable, with certificate of participation).
  • You attend an external seminar or an external workshop (if applicable, with certificate of participation).You go to the free specialist lectures of the tekom Regional Groups (if applicable, with certificate of participation).
  • You attend relevant specialist conferences (50% of the conference time counts towards training time for recertification).
  • You read specialist books and specify these for recertification.

Think about recertification in good time

It is best to start training immediately after certification. To maintain the certificate, you can apply for recertification after five years. 


To extend the validity of a certificate, a written application for extension including all types of proof described below must be submitted at the earliest two months before expiration and up to a maximum of six months after expiration of the certificate. A form for this is being made available in the Downloads area on tekom.de for this purpose.

Costs for recertification

No fees are charged for recertification. The certificate is issued for a minimal administrative fee. Further details can be found in the fee schedule. This is available in the Downloads area on tekom.de.

Rules for certificate holders with certificates in accordance with the previous certification system 

The certificate in accordance with the previous certification system as per the qualification modules is valid without limitation. Thus, certified Technical Communicators who obtained their certificates in accordance with the previous certification system do not have to be recertified. In the sense of lifelong learning, however, examining current topics in the sector and associated areas contributes to keeping up to date professionally.


Rules of recertification

The official rules for recertification can be taken from the current certification guidelines. These are available in the Downloads area on tekom.de.