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November 11, 2017

Writing Sprint: The TINUSAUR Project

On November 10 and 11, we had the first writing sprint in the country, organized by tekom Bulgaria. The goal of the writing sprint was to help out the TINUSAUR project, by writing two tutorials aimed at school and university students.

TINUSAUR is an open source project in the area of education that organizes workshops for students, in which they can assemble and program single-board microcontrollers. The workshops are for absolute beginners and often give students their first experience with electronics and programming. Because the demand for the workshops has grown, the people behind the TINUSAUR project needed help putting together simple and detailed tutorials to help the students assemble the boards and code their first programs. This is where 14 technical writers from several IT companies in Sofia stepped in and got together with the expert from TINUSAUR to write the tutorials.

The writing sprint was similar to a book sprint, a method used for writing open source documentation, which incorporates some design thinking methods. It started with understanding the product and its audience (during a live demo and open Q&A session with the TINUSAUR expert), followed by designing the outline of the documentation (using brain-writing and card sorting), and finally writing the topics, and composing the tutorials in collaboration. Now we are looking forward to publishing the tutorials on the TINUSAUR project website and getting them tested by students.

For most of the writers this was a new, and in some cases challenging experience. But at the end of the second day, we actually had written the two tutorials and all the hard work did pay off. Most importantly, we hope that we've contributed to getting the school kids that come to the TINUSAUR workshops excited about science and technology.

When:  November 10 and 11

Where:  at the office of Software AG - Bulgaria

Who: Technical writers and the Tinusaur subject matter expert

Facilitator: Tsvetelina Ilieva