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October 11, 2017

tekom Bulgaria Roadshow 2017: Ruse

Technical writing is still a relatively new profession in Bulgaria and the number of open positions in small and large companies outgrows the number of people seeking a career in technical communication. Suitable talent simply isn’t aware this career exists. tekom Bulgaria has taken on the mission to promote the profession of Technical Communicators and attract potential documentation masters. To achieve that, we started the Roadshow project.

The Roadshow is a strategic initiative of 4-hour workshops, which aims at reaching out to students, young professionals, academia reps, and the like across Bulgaria, and raise their awareness of the profession. Sofia, being the capital of Bulgaria, and the center of the IT industry, has already reached a level of job market maturity. However, little is known about technical communication in other Bulgarian cities with strong IT communities.

Latest Updates

The fourth Roadshow took place in Ruse, the so-called Small Vienna–a city of 120,000 inhabitants which played a significant role during the Bulgarian Liberation and the following Revival period in the Bulgarian culture and economy. Ruse University is among the most rapidly developing technical universities in the country with its Computer Science university representatives working closely with the regional entrepreneurs. Besides the thorough support we received by the University while organizing the event, StartUp Factory – an active and mature local community of developers, students, and entrepreneurs–also played an important networking role. 

  • WHEN: September 30, 2017
  • WHERE: Ruse University, Hall 2.203
  • WHO: Current & former Ruse University students, lecturers, entrepreneurs, developers, and tech writers


1. Introduction and general presentation:

1.1 What Is It to Be a Technical Writer?

1.2 Why user assistance documentation is important?

1.3 What are the profiles of Tech Writers in Bulgaria?

1.4 What skills are needed to practice the profession?  

2. Presentation on minimalistic writing:

2.1 What is minimalistic and topic-based writing?

2.2 What are the general approaches to make technical documentation minimalistic?

2.3 What is user perspective?

3. Workshop and discussions:

3.1 What does a day in the life of the Technical Communicator look like?

3.2 How to prepare a cup of coffee?

3.3 How to wash the dishes?

3.4 How to apply the user perspective in a smartphone feature list?

3.5 How to write in a topic-based manner?

Confirmation of attendance at the FB event @https://www.facebook.com/events/144735919468165/.