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April 8, 2017

tekom Bulgaria Roadshow 2017: Plovdiv

In 2017, tekom Bulgaria embarks on a Roadshow across the country in an attempt to popularize the professional field of technical communication.

In a series of events open to the public, members of the organization lead presentations, discussions, and workshops. For a few hours, students and people considering their career path have the chance to learn about the profession of the technical writer and to experience a day in the life of this role with actual practical tasks.

Plovdiv was the first stop of the Roadshow tour in 2017.
Attendance Information

  • Date April 8, 2017
  • Time 2pm – 6pm
  • Venue BizLabs, 152 6-ti Septemvri Blvd.


  • Introduction
  • Presentation What Is It to Be a Technical Writer? Importance of user assistance documentation & materials, profiles of Tech Writers in Bulgaria, skills you need to practice the profession.
  • Discussion Panel A Day in the Life: Technical Writers
  • Presentation What Is Minimalistic Writing
  • Coffee Break
  • Workshop How to Prepare a Cup of Coffee? How to Wash the Dishes? How to Apply the User Perspective in a Smartphone Feature List? How to Write in a Topic-Based Manner?


  • Vanya Kiritzova 

Senior Manager Information Experience @VMware
Member of the Initiative Committee of tekom Bulgaria
Co-organizer of the Evolution of Technical Communication Conference
Vanya leads the Tech Writers team @ VMware Bulgaria consisting of writers and managers. The Sofia Information Experience team has been officially acknowledged as the fastest developing and strongest team in the whole Information Experience department. Starting from 2 writers in 2007, she developed and built a team of 28 people. During her 9-years experience as a manager, Vanya has proven many times that she is capable of building strong-willed teams, introducing new ideas, and successfully accomplishing innovative projects. She believes that the mission of the good manager is to develop the people on the team and to build a strong team spirit.

  • Desislava Mihaylova 

Technical Writer @Progress
Member of the Initiative Committee of tekom Bulgaria
More than 5 years ago Desi joined the community of Technical Writers in Bulgaria when she started to work for one of the IT leaders in the online gambling industry. A sworn enthusiast, she perceives herself as an adventurer for whom the profession of the Technical Writer is a calling and career – a natural process in developing her professional talent and personal skills. She keeps up a blog about her hometown, is the founder of the Ruse Summer Free Tour initiative, and loves to volunteer.

  • Iva Koevska 

Senior Technical Writer @Fredhopper
Iva has been a Tech Writer ever since 2012. She made her first steps in the profession @VMware, then moved on to Telerik, now operating under the Progress brand, to champion new opportunities @Fredhopper. Iva is a guru in creating documentation for mobile applications and believes that tech communication is much more than dry text and boring images collected in a book or website. She is passionate to prove herself right on this and when asked to describe her profession in a single word, it is a “calling”. In her spare time, she travels, reads, and rides her motorcycle.  

  • Margarita Staneva 

Manager Information Experience @VMware

Co-organizer of the Evolution of Technical Communication Conference

Margarita started her career in Technical Communications 15 years ago. She used to be a Tech Writer for 13 years and 2 years ago she moved to a management role in the Information Experience department at VMware. She is currently managing a team of 10 people who work on various documentation projects with multiple major and minor releases. At VMware she developed her leadership and managerial talent along with her professional skills by leading complex documentation projects developed in Bulgaria and the USA. She is used to taking apt, fast decisions and whenever needed she still creates documentation along with her team. Margarita is an active participant in the organization of all tekom Bulgaria events for a third consecutive year.


We would like to thank:

  • Ms. Yanislava Hristova
  • Hackafe Plovdiv (https://www.facebook.com/HackafePlovdiv/) 
  • Telerik Academy (http://academy.telerik.com/)
  • BizLabs (http://bizlabs.eu/bg/) 

Without their assistance and support, we would have hit quite a few high & hard walls.