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Event announcement

tekom Bulgaria founding event

The beginning of 2015 is the best timing for our well-thought-out and carefully planned Next Step in the development of a local community of technical communicators. We are very excited to announce that the founding event of the country organization tekom Bulgaria will take place on February 5th, 2015 in Sofia.

This is the day when existing members of tekom Europe will meet to lay the groundwork of an entity that will work hard to support a growing local community of technical communicators, information developers, information architects, translators and localization specialists. We believe this is a stepping stone that will bring more professional development opportunities to technical communicators in Bulgaria.

Special guests for this event will be Dr. Michael Fritz - Managing Director of tekom Europe and Ms. Anke Mecklenbrauck - University Relations and Country Organizations. They will fly over to Sofia to both witness and support our first step in this new endeavor.

What else will be happening at the founding event?

The newly elected Initiative Committee will present the goals and share the plan for the first year of existence of tekom Bulgaria. Both members and non-members will be able to engage in discussions, suggest ideas and commit to help the new organization succeed in delivering the events, trainings and networking opportunities that we all need in order to grow our careers in technical communication. Michael Fritz and Anke Mecklenbrauck will make a short overview of tekom Europe, the larger entity that stands behind the country organizations across Europe. This will be a great opportunity for all interested representatives to ask questions, discuss membership and benefits.

How to participate in the founding event of tekom Bulgaria?

Please feel invited to an open session with all tekom members on February 5th, 2015 at 16:00 in the SAP Labs Bulgaria office (click for address).

You can also request a meeting with Dr. Michael Fritz and Anke Mecklenbrauck for February 4th, 2015 where they can personally explain the opportunities for cooperation of tekom with your company/ University.

Please contact us to confirm your interest in representing your company’s Technical Communication department at the founding event of tekom Bulgaria.

Keeping in touch

We continue to rely on your vested interest and support to sustain and expand the local technical communication community. If we can do more, why wait then. Have a question to ask, an idea or an opinion to share, want to give a presentation or write an article…

Reach out to us on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as through personal emails and contacts.

If you have not done so already, join the tekom Bulgaria LinkedIn group and like the Evolution of Technical Communications Facebook page. These are both good places to learn the most recent news, engage in a discussion or simply send us a message. Please note that as of February 5th 2015, the Evolution of Technical Communication page will be renamed to tekom Bulgaria.