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tekom Bulgaria 2018 Roadshow: Gabrovo

The Roadshow must go on in Gabrovo

The 2018 Roadshow fourth and last for this year stop was at the foot of the Balkan Mountains in the quaint town of Gabrovo. Gabrovo is rich in history having played an important role during the Bulgarian National Revival and Gabrovo-natives are famous for their subtle and highly valued sense of humor. The event was held at Technical University - Gabrovo and was supported by the Student Center for Career Development.

The event was attended by current and former University students, teachers, and people looking for new career opportunities.


Date: November 19, 2018

Place:  Technical University - Gabrovo



  1. Introduction and general presentation:

1.1  What Is It to Be a Technical Writer?

1.2  Why user assistance documentation is important?

1.3  What are the profiles of Tech Writers in Bulgaria?

1.4  What skills are needed to practice the profession?


  1. Presentation on minimalistic writing:

2.1  What is minimalistic and topic-based writing?

2.2  What are the general approaches to make technical documentation minimalistic?

2.3  What is user perspective?


  1. Workshop and discussions:

3.1  How to prepare a cup of coffee?

3.2  How to wash the dishes?

3.3  How to apply the user perspective in a smartphone feature list?

3.4  How to write in a topic-based manner?


PRESENTERS Kristina Bliznashka, Martina Laleva, Jordan Georgiev

PARTNERS Technical University – Gabrovo & Student Center for Career Development

FACEBOOK EVENT @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1964069100374783/