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May 25, 2016

Event Report

First Cross-Border Country Organization Event

Susanna Akdut

On Friday April 29 2016, the first Cross-Border Country Organization Event took place in Tongeren, Belgium. During this half-day event, which was organized by the country organization tekom Belgium and the regional group tekom North-Rhine, international technical communication experts from both university and industry presented and discussed different aspects of visualization.

Obviously, participants showed to have a great interest to share and expand their knowledge about trends of visual features, like pictures, films, and interactive use.

Visualization – a Large Field of Possibilities

Prof. Dr. Charles Forceville of the Universiteit van Amsterdam warmed up the participants with a vivid insight in human communication based on relevance theory, and the communication of pictures and multimodal information.

Martin Kosa-Julius demonstrated how a machine can be handled guided by a machine-integrated operation manual, based on visual elements.
After the coffee break, Nolwenn Kerzhero made sense of chaos by a helpful visualization of a corpus of structured content in DITA.

Then, Sam Cornelis showed in a dynamic presentation the best way to produce an instruction film with operators as “actors” in an industrial plant.
Finally, Marie-Louise Flacke presented the pros and cons of the use of icons in technical communication, which ended up in a lively discussion with the participants.


During the intense networking of the participants, the idea came up to organize a Visualization part 2 with workshops to continue with the successful first cross-border event of neighbor countries.
For us, it was a pleasure to bring together technical communicators of some European countries to a small but fine and personal event.