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tekom Europe Joint Event (March 11, 2016)

Franz Steiner, tekom Österreich

Some 30 people from 10 different countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Austria) attended the first Joint Event of tekom Europe and tekom Österreich at the Danube University in Krems/Austria. Members and interested persons of tekom Österreich as well as the delegates from the different country organizations (who had their annual assembly of delegates the very next day in Vienna) followed the highly interesting presentations and had lively discussions. Lunch and coffee breaks offered perfect opportunities for networking.


European legislation and product safety

Dr. Claudia Klumpp
There are more than 20 European directives as well as innumerable standards on the international level regarding products and technical communication. Why this flood of regulations? Actually, these EU regulations are the cradle of technical communication. And actually, they are really helpful, provided that you have the necessary overview. This presentation offered this important overview. People became acquainted with the most important directives and how to figure out which are applicable for their product and its documentation. They learned what harmonized European standards are, how to recognize them and what legal effect they have compared with standards that have not been harmonized. Furthermore, this presentation explained not only the basics of CE marking, but also European market surveillance, especially RAPEX, the EU rapid alert system that facilitates the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission on measures taken to prevent or restrict the marketing or use of products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers.


Latest developments in European legislation and their impact on the technical documentation

Dr. Claudia Klumpp
This presentation took people on a journey from the new approach (CE marking) to the new legislative framework, the alignment package (eight new directives to be implemented into national law by April 20) and its implications for technical documentation. They were informed about the future plans of the EU concerning product safety, the machinery directive and technical documentation in general.


in3 – Intelligent Information Initiative (virtual presentation)

Dr. Michael Fritz
In the age of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, “Intelligent Information” is the next evolutionary step technical communication professionals will be taking. The focus is no longer set on the creation of information for users only. In the future, technical communicators will deliver the information needed in a use-case based, individualized way to increase user experience, engagement and satisfaction. The underlying technology is the intelligent use of metadata to create dynamic content delivery for all relevant output media. In his presentation, Dr. Michael Fritz, the CEO of tekom Europe, explained the ongoing paradigm change and how technical communicators can master the upcoming changes.



If Industry 4.0 is the nail, what is the hammer in technical communication? – Some technical insights on the trail to Industry 4.0

Sebastian Göttel

One of the promises of Industry 4.0 is the self-organization of products. One adds a new component and the assembly reorganizes itself. What is the impact on technical communication? Variant management no longer happens upfront in the technical documentation department but during operation on the customer’s site. To deliver dynamically self-organized documentation the component content management systems (CCMS) must reach out further than ever before. To address this demand Content Delivery Systems are the new kid on the block. In this presentation, Sebastian Göttel from SCHEMA explained the old and new tricks that allow technical communicators to enter the Industry 4.0 era.


Keep moving! How to deal with changes

Isabelle Fleury

New technology, new media habits or higher compliance rules lead the adaption of processes and work procedures. This presentation showed how TC departments can initiate changes in their organization and how to involve their colleagues in order to foster the acceptance of changes and implement them more successfully.


Activities of tekom Europe

This session informed people about recent activities of our association, especially regarding standardization work (such as the horizontal standard on technical documentation IEC 82079-1 and the ISO/IEC/IEEE 2651 x series on software documentation) as well as initiatives and projects (Brussel’s Colloquium,  eDoc, TecCOMFrame). 




The presentations are available exclusively for tekom members in the Downloads area. Opens internal link in current windowDownload... (for members only)



Dr. Claudia Klumpp
Sebastian Göttel
Isabelle Fleury