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Here you will find professional articles that have been published in the magazine Opens internal link in current window'technische kommunikation', in the Opens external link in new windowtcworld magazine or in other tekom publications since 1999. Anyone can search the article archive. But only tekom members can read entire articles. You will need your tekom membership number to register.


  • technische kommunikation 3/2005

    Marc Achtelig: Click me (not)!

    The Google returns well over 15 million search results to the technical question of how to formulate hyperlinks in HTML. However, a question on how  [...]

  • 2004

    Whitney Quesenbery: Using Language to Improve Usability


  • 2004

    Whitney Quesenbery: Language and Usability


  • technische kommunikation 3/2005

    Tilo Ried: Spare Parts Management At The Source

    High quality spare parts documentation that is always up-to-date and optimal in usability is an important component of successful after sales and  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 3/2005

    Daniela Straub: Person to Person

    Technical Documentation departments ride the horns of dilemma: They are forced to run after information that should actually be handed to them in the  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Carl-Heinz Gabriel: A Guide To Norms And Standards

    National and international institutions have not only created numerous standards that concern either in parts or entirely with technical  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Markus Nickl: “Can I Say You To You?!”

    What an embarrassing situation! Two colleagues meet after a long time at an event, and one of them simply cannot remember what form of address he had  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Ulrich Thiele: Acrobat Version 7

    Once again, Acrobat customers are in for an upgrade surprise sooner than imagined: Version 7.0 may be already available in the market, much before  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Rachel Herwartz: “Home-Spun” Terminology

    Many decision makers see company-wide terminology management using commercial tools as an exercise starting from scratch and associated with enormous  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Fabian Hermann: Using Small Tests to Get the Best Results

    Usability-Methods help in making design decisions and in improving the quality of software products. What counts here is choosing the right method and  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Ina Forst: HTML 3.2 is Still Clouding the Image

    If JavaHelp was for so long the talk of the town, the disadvantages that came with it were also discussed in almost the same breath. Towards the end  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Bernd Holz auf der Heide: Avatars - More Than Just a Cute Pastime

    Human beings will continue to be just that - human, even when it comes to dealing with technical products and systems! Our cognitive and emotional  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2005

    Bernhard Heiny und Rüdiger Tillmann: Doing Things The Multimodal Way

    It is capable of running at speeds greater than 300 miles an hour, can jump over obstacles and can say: “K.I.T.T.”, the wonder car from the movie  [...]

  • Multilingual 16/1/2005

    Jerry Luther: A Guide for Evaluating Translation Options

    Many people are looking for a quick-start learning experience with translation as they begin to explore translation of product documents, websites and  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 45/2004

    Jakob Biesterfeldt und Robert Schäflein-Armbruster: Practice-Oriented Usability Evaluation for Technical Documentation

    Desire and necessity exist: To know from experience how well documentation targets the user. Uncertainty exists with respect to choosing the right  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 46/2004

    Jochen Mussgnug: Selection and Integration of Usability Methods...

    ... to Improve the Product Development Process for the Development of Interactive Systems <br />To test the usability of interactive systems or to  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 43/2004

    Fabian Hermann: Evaluation for Technical Documentation

    Software development has finally embraced the practice of evaluating usability, it is also becoming more and more important in the area of Technical  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 17/2004

    Angelika Zerfaß: SRX - The next Step after TMX

    TMX (Translation Memory eXchange), das Standardformat für den Datenaustausch zwischen Translation-Memory-Systemen, wird heute von allen Tools  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 16/2004

    Susanne Murawski: More Cost Efficiency through Optimized Source Texts and Translation Workflows

    With the EU’s eastern expansion and the new markets in Asia, many companies are witnessing an increasing demand for translation. Technical  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 14/2004

    Matthias Caesar und Irmhild Wojak: Achieving Goals using Performance Management in Localization Companies or Departments

    A highly efficient and action ready team with a keen interest in work, should not be left to chance but should be the management’s defined goal.  [...]