Guides and Guidelines

Rule-Based Writing – English for Non-Native Writers



How to Use These Guidelines, How to Implement Rule-Based Writing, Implementing Rules Faster and More Easily with a Style Guide, Text Rules (Headings, Index Entries, Cross References, Glossaries), Sentence Rules (Avoid Ambiguous Constructions, Avoiding Incomplete Constructions, Avoiding Complex Constructions, Rules for Word Order and Sequence of Sentence Elements, Style Rules, Punctuation Rules, Tense Rules), Word Rules (Language Variant and Style, Numbers and Units, Hyphens in Adjective Compounds, Verb Forms, Upper Case and Lower Case, Genitive Form, Problematic Cases in English, Prepositions, Dealing with Abbreviations), Glossary, Index, Literature

DIN A4, 110 pages, paperback, 2014, ISBN 978-3-944740-05-8

Price for tekom members: 60 EUR (Print), 50 EUR (PDF)
Price for non-members: 70 EUR (Print), 60 EUR (PDF)
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Guide to Mobile Documentation



Basic information and definitions, Models for mobile documentation, Mobile devices, Use cases, Developing a "mobile" content strategy, Managing mobile projects successfully, Checklists, Glossary, References

DIN A4, 68 pages, paperback, 2014
ISBN 978-3-944740-02-7


Price for tekom members: 48 EUR (Print), 38 EUR (PDF)
Price for non-members: 62 EUR (Print), 48 EUR (PDF)
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Purchase of translation services – a guide

Version 1.0 – October 2012




Basic information, Selection of a translation service provider, Process flow of a translation order, 2 illustrations, Checklist of selection criteria, Checklist for a translation order, Important terms and definitions

Authors: Benedikt Kraus, Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Ilona Wallberg

DIN A4, 24 pages, stapled, 2012
ISBN 978-3-9814055-6-9

Price for tekom members: 25 EUR (Print)
Price for non-members: 40 EUR (Print)
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