Guidelines and Practical Guides

Delivery of Information for Use in Electronic Form - eDoc (NEW!)

(available from 4th quarter of 2017)
Authors: tekom Working group „eDoc“

DIN A4, 52 pages, 2017 (translated from
German Ed. 2016)
ISBN 978-3-944449-51-7 (Softcover)
ISBN 978-3-944449-68-5 8 (E-Book PDF)

Softcover: 75 EUR (for tekom members: 50 EUR)
E-Book PDF: 60 EUR (for tekom members: 40 EUR)

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English for Non-Native Writers – Ruled-based Writing (2. updated Ed.)

How to Implement Rule-Based Writing, Style Guides, Text Rules, Sentence Rules, Word Rules, Glossary
Authors: tekom working group „English for Non-Native Writers“
DIN A4, 110 pages, 2. updated Ed. 2017
ISBN 978-3-944449-57-9 (Softcover)
ISBN 978-3-944449-63-0 (E-Book PDF)

Softcover: 90 EUR (for tekom members: 60 EUR)
E-Book PDF: 75 EUR (for tekom members: 50 EUR)

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Mobile Documentation

 Basic information and definitions, Models for mobile documentation, Mobile devices, Use cases, Developing a "mobile" content strategy, Managing mobile projects successfully, Checklists, Glossary, References
Authors: tekom working group „Mobile Documentation“

DIN A4, 68 pages, 2014
ISBN 978-3-944740-02-7 (Softcover & E-Book PDF)

Softcover: 70 EUR (for tekom members: 45 EUR)
E-Book PDF: 55 EUR (for tekom members: 35 EUR)

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StartbildPurchase of translation services

Basic information, Selection of a translation service provider, Process flow of a translation order, 2 illustrations, Checklist of selection criteria, Checklist for a translation order, Important terms and definitions
Authors: Benedikt Kraus, Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Ilona Wallberg

DIN A4, 24 pages, stapled, 2012
ISBN 978-3-9814055-6-9 (Softcover & E-Book PDF)

Softcover: 40 EUR (for tekom members: 25 EUR)
E-Book PDF: 30 EUR (for tekom members: 20 EUR)

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