January 8, 2018

Next Event on March 21

Workshop: Competences in education and practice for Technical Communicators

The next tekom Danmark event will take place at Aarhus University in Aarhus on Wednesday March 21, 2018.

As part of the ERASMUS+-project TecCOMFrame, funded by the EU, tekom Denmark in cooperation with Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture, are organizing a workshop event for practitioners, teachers and students on competences that are relevant for the modern tasks of technical communicators.

The core workshop activity consists of group discussions among the participants based on input from the TecCOMFrame project as well as from experienced teachers and developers in academic programs in Technical Communication and based upon the experience and insights of the participants. The event is planned to produce input for the future development of program modules in Technical Communication at Aarhus University, but discussions will also be relevant for developing and adjusting professional competence profiles in companies and organizations.

Event sponsor:
Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture
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13.00Welcome and latest news from tekom Danmark and Aarhus University
Per Harbo Sørensen, Spokesperson at tekom Danmark
Prof. Jan Engberg, Aarhus University
13.15Input 1: TecCOMFrame
Prof. Jan Engberg, Aarhus University

Input 2: A classic full academic program in TC
Prof. Sissi Closs, Hochschule Karlsruhe
14.15Coffee break
14.45Input 3: TCLoc: An Innovative Career-Oriented Master’s Program at the University of Strasbourg
Renate de la Paix, University of Strasbourg
15.45Workshop: Group discussions about the future requirements of training and educating technical communicators
16.45Presentation of the results of the workshop
17.15Light meal and networking
18.00End of event


Aarhus University
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4
8000 Aarhus C

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Input 1:

Prof. Jan Engberg
Aarhus University


In the framework of an ERASMUS+ - project, researchers from 8 European universities have since October 2015 cooperated in establishing a competence framework for study programs in Technical Communication at university level. The idea is to supply universities with a major set of competences to choose from when establishing programs in order to enable them to plan such programs in accordance with existing experience from other European universities. The competence framework comprises 1000+ competences at different levels of insight and sorted into 6 major dimensions (Academic perspective, Communication and culture, Content, Management, Technology and media, Transversal competencies). The framework may be studied at TecCOMFrame. Apart from being a tool for universities, the competence framework may also be of relevance when formulating or revising job profiles and qualification standards in companies working with technical communication. In my presentation, I will give a brief overview of the principles behind the framework and highlight elements that may be of special interest in the context of Danish university programs.


Jan Engberg is Professor of Knowledge Communication at Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture, Section German Business Communication. Since 1990, he has been doing research and teaching at Aarhus School of Business and Aarhus University and has contributed to the development of study programs in this context. His research work focuses upon specialized communication especially in the field of law, business and finance, but includes also other areas of communication involving the study of knowledge and concepts. The main perspective of his research is one of expertise and knowledge as characteristics of specialized communication. Ongoing research projects with national and international colleagues include the study of communication of expertise and trust in companies and public institutions, concepts of Europe in educational media, as well as multimodal expert communication in the academic field. He is a member of the TecCOMframe project.

Prof. Jan Engberg


Input 2:
A classic full academic program in TC

Prof. Sissi Closs
Hochschule Karlsruhe

Prof. Sissi Closs (Hochschule Karlsruhe) will outline the principles underlying the program in Technical Communication of Hochschule Karlsruhe, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.


Input 3:
TCLoc: An Innovative Career-Oriented Master’s Program at the University of Strasbourg

Dr. Renate de la Paix
Program director of the Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc), University of Strasbourg


In this presentation, Renate de la Paix introduces the new, career-oriented, online Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc) from the University of Strasbourg, France. The TCLoc Master’s is the first of its kind in Europe, combining academic instruction and professional certification, since graduates obtain a master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg, as well as the International tekom Professional Level “Technical Communicator (tekom)” certificate.

The program is specially designed for professionals wishing to further their education, such as translators and vendors, information developers, engineers, technical writers without formal training, and other professionals seeking a career change. Though the program focuses on developing the main skills of technical communication, it also equips graduates with professional skills including the use of web tools and languages, localization, visual communication, professional writing, and project management. Participants may enter the TCLoc Master’s directly in the second year of study if they have the appropriate academic background or requisite professional experience (at least 3 years of work experience in a related field). 

During the presentation, Renate de la Paix examines the first two program intakes, focusing primarily on the expectations of students, and opening a debate on how universities and associations, such as tekom, can jointly address continuing education in professional domains that are experiencing significant and rapid change.


Renate de la Paix has worked for the University of Strasbourg’s Faculty of Languages since 1995, where she has occupied the position of Head of Studies since 2002.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry has long been of particular interest and importance to Renate. Her programs are therefore designed to stay on top of current technological and conceptual trends, and to allow for quick integration of new and relevant competencies into her program curricula.

In 2002, Renate created the CAWEB Master’s program by combining localization training with web technologies, and in 2016 she started the TCLoc Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization. The TCLoc Master’s combines localization training, visual communication, web technologies, and project management with the International tekom Professional Level “Technical Communicator (tekom)” certificate.

Renate’s own degrees in Translation (French and Spanish into German), Business Management, and her PhD in Germanic Studies have significantly shaped her jointly pragmatic and academic approach to developing master’s programs that lead to both university qualification and valuable professional experience.

Dr. Renate de la Paix



Group discussions about the future requirements of training and educating technical communicators. Questions and specific topics will be announced before the workshop.



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