About Us

tekom Bulgaria is one of the country organizations within tekom Europe, Europe's largest professional association for technical communication. tekom Bulgaria was founded in January 2015 and is addressed to all those active in the field of technical communication or in other areas of information development and information management. These include, for instance, technical writers, technical illustrators or technical translators, product or marketing managers.

We offer a platform for the exchange of information and experience, and promote the training and advanced qualification and further professionalization of our members. We organize several events / conferences each year with expert presentations, workshop sessions and discussion rounds about various topics in the broad field of technical communication.

Vanya Kiritzova

Sr. Manager Information Experience


I am a dedicated member of the Bulgarian community of technical communicators, always seeking ways to evolve it and grow the strengths, skills and representation of its members in the industry. My goals and commitments to tekom Bulgaria include creating value for its members (through various events organization and support for Evolution of Technical Communication Conference) and elevating the profession of the technical writer in Bulgaira (through awareness and training campaigns and events).


Angel Lafchiev

User Assistance Development Manager, SAP Labs Bulgaria


In the third year of the start-up period of tekom Bulgaria and as a IC member, my motivation is to help meet tekom’s criteria for becoming a fully operational country organization that serves our expanding community. A significant part to this is to show the value and potential of our profession at career fairs and drive the community growth. Furthermore, I want to ensure we have leaders spread in the entire community, beyond its IC.

Tsvetelina Ilieva

Manager Documentation@Software AG


I am part of tekom Bulgaria, because I believe that to have a community of like-minded people, you must work at it. I am here to co-op and co-learn, so that we can enjoy who we are professionally together.


Desislava Mihaylova

Senior Technical Writer@progress


I strongly believe in the huge potential for development of our profession in Bulgaria. My mission as an IC member is to promote technical writing and help establish our community as a known brand of technical communication in the country. To do so, I am dedicated to the 2017 ROADSHOW activities that will help us reach out to:

  • Universities, academic communities, and teachers who can help us establish a dedicated specialty in Bulgaria.
  • Local IT communities that will help us attract a greater number of students and young people.
  • Businesses that will help us draw further attention on the importance of what we do.