Past Events

  • May 9, 2017

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    tekom Bulgaria 2017 Roadshow: Vratsa

    Desislava Mihaylova

    Technical writing is still a relatively new profession in Bulgaria and the number of open positions in small and large companies outgrows the number of people seeking a career in technical communication. Suitable talent simply isn’t aware this career exists. tekom Bulgaria has taken on the mission to promote the profession of Technical Communicators and attract potential documentation masters. To achieve that, we started the Roadshow project. [...]

  • April 8, 2017

    tekom Bulgaria Roadshow 2017: Plovdiv

    In 2017, tekom Bulgaria embarks on a Roadshow across the country in an attempt to popularize the professional field of technical communication. [...]

  • June 2015

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    ETC 2015 draws technical communication professionals to Sofia

    On June 19th 2015, the sixth edition of the Evolution of Technical Communication conference opened its doors to welcome nearly 120 participants [...]

  • 2015

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    tekom Bulgaria founding event

    The beginning of 2015 is the best timing for our well-thought-out and carefully planned Next Step in the development of a local community of technical communicators. We are very excited to announce that the founding event of the country organization tekom Bulgaria will take place on February 5th, 2015 in Sofia. [...]

  • 13.06.2014

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    tekom Europe Going East: ETC Conference in Sofia

    Anke Mecklenbrauck

    For the third year in a row, tekom Europe has joined the Evolution of Technical Communication conference (ETC) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference is organized by the Bulgarian community of technical writers. It was focused mainly on software documentation with presentations from local and international speakers and nearly 80 participants. [...]


tekom Bulgaria presence on developer conference

Dessislava Mihaylova represented tekom Bulgaria on the TarnovoConf event. TarnovoConf is part of the IT conferences held in different Bulgarian cities throughout the year. It is organized by professionals in the field who volunteer to present the public with best practices and useful approaches to software development.  The tekom Bulgaria representative spoke about the profession of the Technical Communicator in front of a 100+ audience of students, software company managers and developers.