With a background in English language & literature (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Charles Forceville now works in the Media Studies department at Universiteit van Amsterdam. He has written extensively on visual and multimodal metaphor in advertising, comics, doumentary film, and animation. He authored Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising (Routledge 1996) and co-edited Multimodal Metaphor (2009) and Creativity and the Agile Mind (2013), both for Mouton de Gruyter 2013). He is currently editing, with Assimakis Tseronis, a volume on visual and multimodal argumentation, and writing a monograph showing how Relevance Theory can help model mass-communicative visuals.
Martin Kosa-Julius M.A. is head of technical communications at WDS Süßwarenmaschinen ‒ special purpose machinery for the confectionery industry.
Activities: development of technical documentation, training, knowledge management and CE. Further key activities are the development of multimedia information products and marketing media.
Nolwenn Kerzreho has over 10 years of experience in the technical communications industry as a project manager, technical writer, instructor, and presales consultant. An international speaker at leading events, Nolwenn is also in charge of developing the technical communication specialization in the European Master in Translation at Université Rennes 2 (France), where she introduced DITA in 2009 and has been teaching for over 8 years. Nolwenn holds a Master’s degree in Technical Communication, Translation, Terminology and Project Management from Rennes 2 and has international work experience in the catering, chemical, Telecom, and high-tech industries.
In 1997 Sam Cornelis took his first job as a technical writer. 10 years and 50.000 pages later he founded Supermus together with Els Baeten.
Supermus specialises in “creative technical communication”: They explain how stuff works, using as much creativity as possible.
They achieve this with instructional videos, animations, e-learning, game apps ... or they use any technology that is best fit for the job.
At this day, they created 1000+ instructional videos explaining all kinds of stuff varying from industrial machinery to scientific processes, and they still love doing it. Just because it is fun to explain stuff.
Marie-Louise Flacke is a graduate of the Technical Writing Program at the American University of Paris. She has worked for a wide range of organisations in the IT, telecoms, network security, aeronautics and pharmaceutical industries. Her achievements have been featured in articles in IEEE Technical Communication Journal, tekom publications, HEPS 2008 (Healthcare System, Ergonomics and Patient Safety) proceedings, and DITA Europe 2015 publications among others. Passionate about usability, minimalism and DITA, Marie-Louise is providing training sessions on structured writing, ISO 26 514 compliance and  minimalism applied to IoT documentation. Apart from teaching at the Université Catholique de l'Ouest, she also designed training modules for the first French technical writing distance learning program.